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Physical Therapy


After Hours PT

Here at After Hours Physical Therapy, we are offering a novel concept in physical therapy treatment. We understand that many working individuals and those with family obligations are unable to attend physical therapy during normal business hours. After Hours Physical Therapy is now available to provide you with quality PT on late nights and weekends; After Hours! 


Every session is private, one-on-one with a licensed physical therapist who will work with you to achieve your goals. Each session will be personalized to fit your individual needs with a patient-focused and goal-oriented treatment plan. We understand that each individual's injury is unique and requires a tailored treatment plan of care.

Why After Hours PT
Meet Yosef


yosef Borenstein

Yosef received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy and Bachelor of Science from Touro College School of Health Sciences. He was awarded the John R. Magel Future Clinical Researcher Award for his key role in researching and training Visual-Spatial-Attention and was featured as the class speaker at graduation. Yosef has a wide array of experiences, from treating in world class hospitals such as Montefiore and NYU, to outpatient practice in NYC with a focus on competitive athletes. His broad range of treatment experience gives him the ability to treat injuries from the acute phase of injury through return to competitive sporting activities. Yosef states that “there is no better way to treat a knee replacement or hip fracture than actually being with the medical team during surgery and to follow the same patient throughout out-patient rehab”.  


His interest in pursuing Physical Therapy stems from his desire to play a key role in helping people overcome pain and injury to achieve their goals and return to a healthy lifestyle. Yosef  believes in treating his patients through evidence based practice, patient education, and utilizing correct biomechanics of the body. His objective is to build a therapy partnership with patients to create patient centered goals and empower patients in their own healing through neuromuscular re-education and therapeutic exercises.



At After Hours we treat a wide array of musculoskeletal injuries. This includes back pain, neck injuries, shoulder injuries, as well as post operative rehabilitation. Sessions will include manual therapy, postural assessment, strengthening and conditioning, and neuromuscular re-education training. 

to Physical Therapy

OUR Approach

We use a full body approach and focus on the big picture on how to effectively correct and prevent recurrences. A thorough assessment of body mechanics and movement patterns will be performed to evaluate, train, and restore functional mobility. 


Your treatment plan will be explained to you in layman terms so you can better understand your injury and the road to recovery. You will be involved in all aspects of your treatment from evaluation, home exercises program, and setting therapy goals. 

My Approach



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